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    may 26, 2011

    Happy Wednesday!!  I know this blog is supposed to be dedicated to all things wedding, but as you can see from my last post, I couldn’t help but bend the rules a bit.  I have some wonderfully talented friends that need to be recognized!  I hope to continue featuring my multi-talented friends, who range everywhere from sewers to fashion designers to photographers (you know who you are! 😉

    In other news, today is a momentous occasion for me because I finally finished something that I would jokingly refer to as THE BEAST (I know it’s a tad overdramatic) otherwise known as BTSA.  Some of you may know that Husband decided to propose to me a week before Part 1 was due last year and I was nothing short of stressed!  He said he wanted to throw me off his game and he sure did!!

    If you’re in the education field, you know you feel my pain!  To make a long story short, it’s a two year process filled with case studies, projects, student work analysis, etc. that a teacher needs to compile and pass in order to be recognized as a fully credentialed educator.  After three years of teaching in the amazing school district I grew up in, I am officially finished!!  Praise God!  He’s been so faithful in providing a job for me every year in the midst of budget cuts and I am SO, SO thankful to be finally finished!!  I couldn’t have done it without the amazing love, support, and encouragement of Husband who has also just finished his third year in seminary (yay!!).

    Now I can focus on other things like an upcoming photoshoot with an amazingly talented photog (more details to come!), a dear friend’s baby #2 shower, and a wedding in July!  It’s going to be the start of a busy but fun-filled summer!!    

    I will leave you with some pictures of some fantastical ribbon inspiration!  I’ve been obsessed with ribbon walls lately and it adds a whole new twist to DIY photobooths or a fun focal point behind a head table or dessert bar!

    photo taken by Jose Villa
    Elizabeth Anne Designs


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