A Mother's Love + Maternity Shoot
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  • A Mother's Love + Maternity Shoot
    november 30, 2012

    Happy Friday dear friends~

    It’s been a rough week for many of us at our church, CCSC, as we mourned the death of a dear brother.  I can only imagine what his family must be going through, especially his mother.  My heart and prayers go out to our beloved brother’s family.  I know I’m technically not a mom yet and I know the love I have for Deacon is just a tiny glimpse of His Father’s love for us.  To imagine the unthinkable, of his life being cut far too short, pains me.  I’m humbly reminded once again that Deacon is not my own but my Father’s and Husband and I have the distinct honor of raising him to know, love, and fear the Lord until the day He decides to take him home.

    On a somewhat brighter note, last week Husband and I were able to visit his hometown of Seattle for Thanksgiving.  We’ve always wanted to take photos with the beautiful scenery of Seattle and asked our lovely friend Sako, who has now moved to Seattle and working under the talented team of GH Kim Photography, to take our maternity shots for us.  No one would be able to guess there were flash flood warnings just a few days prior to our photo shoot!  Thankfully, with the crazy wind aside, we were able to stay dry and take a few photos.  Sako, thank you once again for capturing such a special moment in our lives as we await Deacon’s arrival.  You are truly a trooper for bearing the weather with us!  Here are some of my favorites images:


    A fun game my hosts had the guests play at my baby shower.  I asked the designer to edit it and change “Auntie _______’s Wishes for Deacon” to “Mommy & Daddy’s Wishes for Deacon!”  Can you tell which ones Daddy did??

    The beauty of Seattle.  We hope to return soon with Deacon!

    For additional pictures of our shoot, check out GH Kim Photography’s blog.

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