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    february 5, 2013

    Hi friends!

    I know it’s a bit belated but Happy New Years!  It’s been a busy month as Husband and I welcomed Deacon into the world.  He is 1 month old today!  It’s been a sleepless past month but I am absolutely smitten with him!!  Before I forget, I wanted to write down his birth story so that we could remember it in the years to come.

    After a night out with some friends I noticed Deacon was extra active in my belly and accredited the milk tea boba I had for dessert.  Little did I know that at approximately 1AM my water would break.  After waking a very sleepy husband we called the hospital and they informed us to take a shower and get our things ready to come to the hospital.  We arrived at about 2AM with no sign of contractions.  A couple hours into it Deacon’s heart rate suddenly dropped and we were informed there was a possibility of an emergency c-section.  Thankfully, after closely monitoring Deacon’s heart rate I was able to deliver him naturally.  Fast forward 16 hours later with a ton of IV fluids that made me bloat like a balloon and an epidural to keep this mama happy, at about 6:15PM, it was time to start pushing.  A short 30 minutes later out came Deacon weighing 6 lbs. 10 oz. and 19.75 inches in length.

    Call me crazy but labor/delivery + recovery was an amazing experience and I would do it all over if I could!  I’m so grateful for everyone’s prayers and I know it was by God’s grace that made my experience go so smoothly.

    Recently, we had the privilege of having the talented Denise Bovee come to our home and take pictures of our growing family.  It was an extra special treat as she was our wedding photog back in 2010!  Here are some of our favorite images:

    Not the most flattering picture but it cracks me up!

    We love Honest Co. diapers!

    Papa & Mama Ahn so in love with their first grandchild!

    Month 1 Highlights

    • You’re sleeping for 3 hour stretches giving Mommy & Daddy time to eat, shower, etc.
    • You used to fall asleep right after your feeding but now you stay awake for about an hour so Mommy and Daddy can play with you
    • We can leave you in the crib and you’ll quietly play by yourself
    • Mommy can stare into your beautiful medium brown eyes all day long
    • Your eyelashes are starting to grow in
    • You make the funniest grunting noises and often times sound like what we think what a baby dinosaur would sound like
    • Once in a blue moon you’ll make the sweetest cooing noise and Mommy & Daddy will do whatever it takes to make you do it again

    Thank you for all your prayers and the aunties/uncles that have made the time to come visit us at the hospital and at home.  Although I’m thoroughly enjoying my maternity leave from my day job as an editor, {jane} events will be back in business next month with the very first wedding of 2013!  Stay tuned for more updates by following me @janeevents through Instagram (yes, I’ve finally joined the bandwagon!).



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