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  • We’ve Moved!
    september 12, 2014

    I’m so thrilled to reveal the new and improved Jane Events!  We got a bit of a makeover + address change (on several different levels).  My clientele will mostly be comprised of those residing in and around the Pacific Northwest.  We’ve also switched sites from www.janeeventdesigns.com to www.janeevents.com.  The main reason being, my former website caused quite a bit of confusion as to what kind of services I offered and many thought I was a design co. (which is an element of this industry, but I am by no means a graphic designer, stationery designer, and so forth).  Without further ado~


    I have to give credit to the team that made this magic happen: I contacted the amazing Amy of Love Meet Design to partner with me in designing an aesthetic that was a reflection of my personality—simple but feminine.  Nothing crazy or complicated, but there was an intense desire to go back to the basics so we stripped it back down and came up with this!  Many e-mails later, we got on board with our programmer Jessica, who coded the entire website.  I can’t forget the wonderful Nelly of Modern Elements Photography, a lifestyle photographer who happens to dabble in calligraphy, and worked on my gorgeous new logo (Thanks to Nina of Love & Lemonade for the introduction!  She’s the other lovely photog who took my headshots).  I wanted something classy but simplified, and she delivered!

    Fun Fact: My services are all named after my favorite blooms and also happen to be acronyms (it’s the educator in me) to help you remember! The sketches of the blooms that you see are also hand drawn by my mom (both my parents were avid artists back in the day and I like to think that’s where I inherited my love for beautiful things!)

    This is something that’s been in the works since last summer when I felt like both my business and I had done a lot of growing up—especially after the birth of my son and life transitions I was personally experiencing.  It took a few months to get the ball rolling + many months of drafting, revising, and editing, but what kept me true to myself was constantly reminding myself of my vision for a boutique brand that reflected my unique personality, clientele, and aesthetic.  Although it took a couple career changes (more on that) and a big move to a different state, I am SO thrilled to share this labor of love with y’all!

    As many of you know, this has never been a full-time profession for me.  As much as I would love to spend my days working on weddings, the planner in me can’t handle not knowing what next summer is going to look like.  Some of you may also know that when we made our decision to move to Seattle, there were many unknowns.  For example, our job and housing situations.  Within a matter of less than a week after applying and interviewing, God graciously provided a full-time teaching job and I have now been in transition from full-time mommy/part-time wedding planner to full-time mommy, full-time teacher, and part-time wedding planner (all by God’s good grace).  I am also happy to report that we’ve been settling into our new home, and we’ve fallen in love with all the lush trees surrounding us and a scenic lake just steps away from our condo!

    I can hardly believe it’s been one whole month since we packed up and moved. Thank you to all who have poured out your prayers, phone calls, e-mails, and texts to check in on us. Deacon is doing wonderfully well (though he misses his Halmi & Halbi) and talking up a storm! My hope is to utilize this blog not only to showcase all the beautiful events I have the honor of being a part of, but also as a vehicle to stay in touch with those back at home. Thank you all for your love and support!

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