Happy Two Months!
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  • Happy Two Months!
    november 3, 2015

    Well, here we are at month two!  You sure did creep up on us.  Family and friends, have I ever thanked you all for dropping by and reading my journal?  If not, thank you!  It’s really for me to chronicle and document life, but it’s nice to know you’re out there too 🙂

    The leaves have changed colors and the air is chillier.  I feel like in the last week, we skipped Fall and went straight into Winter here.  It’s been rainy and windy.  Yet, even at 50 degrees I manage to find myself out and about without a jacket on.  I guess I’m still adjusting to appropriate dress code here, or maybe it’s just my “mommy brain.”  Juggling newborn life + an active toddler + studying for WA credential exams = a very busy and tired Jane.  I’ve been trying to find pockets of time to study but it’s so hard to stay disciplined, especially when one is hooked on Korean dramas!  I don’t know how all you mamas study with kids around.  Thankfully, David has been gracious about letting me go out to study but all I want to do is sit by our fireplace, drink coffee, and catch up on the latest episodes of my Kdramas!  He’s leaving this weekend to speak at a retreat and it’ll be my first time alone with two kids for an extended period of time.  Wish me luck guys and please keep David in prayer!!

    When I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with Devyn everyone was telling me to enjoy my time before she came, but I was so focused on getting her out I didn’t know what they meant.  Now I do!  One was a breeze.  Two, not so much.  With Deacon, I’d just go out and about and take him along wherever I went.  With Deacon AND Devyn, I have to be strategic in taking them out by myself.  Seattle weather is the biggest factor.  The other day I wanted to get out of the house with both kids, but I didn’t realize how crazy windy and rainy it was until we were out of our underground parking garage.  I was wearing flip flops and had forgotten Deacon’s rain jacket.  Oopsie.

    Everyone we encounter (mostly strangers) asks about Deacon and Devyn’s age gap (2.5 years).  Apparently it’s THE perfect age gap.  Mmm, are you sure about that because it’s been super hard watching both of these kiddos at home.  Deacon has been a handful, Devyn not so much.  He’s so opinionated and knows what he wants so if he doesn’t get it, it’s not a pretty scene (David says it sounds like one of us and by that, he means me).  The other day he was upset at David about something and slammed our bedroom door shut (again, me).  In all honesty though, he is definitely growing more defiant but I know he’s not THAT horrible.  He is also the sweetest and most compassionate little boy I’ve seen and his brain is like a sponge these days, soaking in everything around him.

    If you follow us on IG and are FB friends with us, you probably already know how we’ve been frequenting Target a lot these days (I swear it’s him, not me…ok maybe it’s both of us).  He thinks this place is his own personal toy store!  What’s great about Target is that I let him play with one toy in the shopping cart while we’re shopping and at the end we always say, “Bye, toy!” and go back to return it back where we found it.  He’s been doing really well with this concept (knock on wood that it lasts).

    A few weeks ago we flew down to CA for a 1st birthday I designed and coordinated and thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to get away as a family for a few days.  Umm, how come no one told us how hard it is traveling with two kids??  Deacon was a handful, Devyn not so much (friends, are we noticing a pattern here??).  Thank you to the Park family for their hospitality and housing our crazy family!  Also, to my husband for being such a trooper (especially in the nasty heat) and holding down the babes while I set up for the event.  I was so busy I didn’t take a single photo on my phone, but here are some pictures that friends sent my way:


    We love this family and the sweet fellowship we encounter whenever we meet! Alice whipped up the yummiest meal ever (wish I took pictures). Thank you for your hospitality, Lee family!


    Deacon’s fav aunties (sorry guys, but these two ladies are some of the only aunties that Deacon asks for on a regular basis)


    Bingsoo buds—finally got to meet sweet lil’ Benjamin!


    With the birthday boy’s mama & one of the most popular aunties at Joshie’s 1st birthday!


    These two! Deacon with Arden the Giant 😉


    Back in Seattle & bundled up


    Smiling more and already fitting into 3-6 mo. clothing (Thanks Auntie Lynna for my outfit!) I see Papa Ahn in this picture..does anyone else agree??


    Deacon & his crew. So thankful for friends we can share life with here in Seattle!


    Thanks Julie for hosting us!! We all had a blast 🙂


    Happy 2 Months, Devyn!

    We wish we had more time to meet with everyone we would have liked to seen.  If we missed you this time around, hope we can see you the next time we’re in town!  It was refreshing catching up with old friends, but it was nice coming back home and that’s when it hit me that Seattle is truly becoming my home (insert sad face).  David said I’m becoming a Seattle girl with my flannel button ups and Patagonia jackets (I’m still wearing my Havaianas in 50 degree rainy weather though, ha!).

    A few highlights from month 2:

    • You’re sleeping in 3-4 hour stretches, sometimes 4-5 if Mommy’s really lucky.
    • You’re starting to smile and coo, especially when your big bro is nearby (it’s seriously the cutest thing ever!!).  Can’t wait to see your relationship with Deacon grow and develop…he’s going to be a very protective older brother, just like Uncle Danny was with me!
    • You are one tan baby!  I don’t know where you get it from…must be from all the coffee your mama drank while she was pregnant (according to Grandma Ahn) LOL!
    • We made our annual trip to the local pumpkin patch with some friends.  Deacon had a blast, you slept the whole time.
    • We flew down to CA for a family trip.  Many aunties and uncles were waiting to meet you!  Deacon had the time of his life, you ate/slept the whole time.
    • Daddy went back to work in the office after working from home for 3 weeks to help your mama out.
    • We celebrated our first Halloween as a party of 4 at Auntie Julie’s house.  Your big bro inspired our outfits (Mommy was Disgust, Daddy was Fear, Deacon was Anger, and you were Sadness)

    You guys!  We recently received the images from our newborn shoot that we did with our good friend, Sako.  I was on the fence about doing a newborn shoot for several reasons.  Mostly, because I’m a little vain and didn’t want documented pictures of me when I was big and bloated.  Then I realized it’s not about me, but about capturing this blessed season in our lives with my family while I have the opportunity.  Sako is amazingly talented and we’re so fortunate she’s able to share her gifts with those around her.  Check out her website for more pictures of our newborn session!

    Now we’re off to Devyn’s 2 month appointment!  Thanks for stopping by 🙂



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