Happy Three Months!
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  • Happy Three Months!
    december 3, 2015

    I still don’t see it but everyone says how much Devyn looks like me.  I’ll take it as a huge compliment because I think she’s pretty darn cute 😉  Devyn’s approaching her 100th day and I thought I wouldn’t care as much the second time around, but who am I kidding??  I do!  It just so happens that Devyn’s 100th day lands on David’s 32nd birthday this year.  We all know what that means—baby trumps Daddy (sorry David).

    I know most moms look forward to the 100th day because it usually marks the turning point of when newborns become infants and life supposedly gets easier.  I always dread this season because it means it’s about time to return to work.  I was scheduled to go back to work next week, but decided to extend my maternity leave another month.  I am not ready—mentally nor emotionally.  I knew I’d struggle with it as I did with Deacon when I was working at a publishing company.  I ended up returning to work, only to leave two months later and told everyone it was because I wanted to return to the classroom (only half true).  The other half was because I wanted to stay home with Deacon.  David and I always envisioned myself to stay at home with our kids but I’m not sure if we’re in the season to allow that.  It’s something I feel so torn about and am trusting in God’s plans for us as a family.

    Deacon has been pushing my patience a lot these days and I question if I’m being too hard on him.  It’s as if I expect him to be this perfect, well-behaved boy all of a sudden now that we have another babe to take care of.  He loves on Devyn so much and I’m thankful he hasn’t shown any regression or resentment towards her.  Even still, there are days when I get so easily frustrated with him and react with impatience or anger, instead of responding with grace and patience.  It’s during those moments where I have to make sure to go to him and apologize and seek forgiveness.  Thankfully he has a big heart and is gracious enough to love his mama despite her shortcomings~  Parenting is a huge joy and blessing, and something I do not want to take for granted.

    A few weeks ago David graciously let me go down to CA for a quick trip to have some “me” time as a belated birthday gift and I had a grand ol’ time catching up with good friends and even played a little football.  It was so nice being able to eat and drink all the boba I wanted without having to worry if where we were going was “baby friendly.”  I did miss my family though—so much so, I ended up coming back earlier than expected so I could see my babies before they went down for the night.

    Some highlights of my baby girl:

    • You weighed in at 12 lbs and height of 24 inches at your 2 month appointment.
    • You’re sleeping in 3 hour stretches during the day and you go a good 5 hours during the first stretch at night, and then you’re back at 3 hour stretches.
    • You’re smiling and cooing more intentionally.  Not being biased, but you smile extra big when you see your mama’s face.  We’re patiently waiting for you to laugh.
    • You’re starting to babble and it’s the craziest thing.  I guess girls really are chattier (ha!).
    • You’re becoming a pro at tummy time.
    • We survived our first weekend without Daddy while he spoke at a retreat.
    • You celebrated your first Thanksgiving in Seattle…gobble gobble!
    • We went oyster shucking with friends at Taylor Shellfish Farms.
    • You met Santa Claus for the first time (pictures to come).

    Thankful for good friends throughout different seasons of life~


    Thanksgiving 2015


    Taylor Shellfish Farm


    Look at my baby girl and her wild hair! She’s beginning to get the hang of tummy time~


    Happy 3 Months, Devyn!!

    So I told myself I’d wait until Devyn was 100 days old to switch her out of the bed (we’ve been co-sleeping since Deacon is still occupying his crib and doesn’t seem to want to let it go, which is fine by us).  We intentionally started sleep training Deacon at 9 weeks old with CIO in his crib and miraculously, we haven’t needed to do it with Devyn…it just kinda happened on its own.  However, we don’t have a separate crib for her so I’ve been contemplating putting her in our pack-n-play for now.  Has anyone done this??  Tips/advice would be appreciated!

    Yesterday we were featured on the ever so popular baby blog, 100 Layer Cakelet.  It’s an extension of 100 Layer Cake, an equally popular wedding blog I used to frequent as a former bride and wedding planner to find inspiration for my events.  Check it out for more photos from Devyn’s newborn shoot.  It’s crazy to see how much she’s changed in the last 3 months!  Hopefully I’ll find some time to start prepping for her 100th day celebration.  I was so on top of things with Deacon, but it’s definitely a different story the second time around~


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