Happy Five Months!
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  • Happy Five Months!
    february 3, 2016

    I can’t believe it’s only been 3.5 weeks since we left Seattle, but it feels so long ago already and to be honest, sometimes I get a little weepy about it.  Although our time in Seattle may have seemed short to many, it truly became home to us and I must admit I miss the little things—our cozy little fireplace, our trips to Bellevue mall, our community at The Well, and shockingly..even the gloomy weather.  On the flip side, although it’s been taking some time transitioning back to CA life, we’ve been enjoying meeting our new community at ANCC + catching up with old friends.  David is loving being back in ministry full-time and I’ve already booked a handful of weddings for the 2016 season…how blessed are we?!  Deacon has been taking the transition a little bit harder than we anticipated.  The first couple of weeks were a challenge during his nap & bed time.  Needless to say, it forced David and myself to loosen up and be a little bit more flexible with him to meet his needs.  Sometimes I forget how little he still is and expect him to grow up now that he’s a big bro.  I also feel some mom-guilt towards Devyn because I feel like I don’t pay as much attention to her because of Deacon.  To add on to that mom-guilt, I haven’t been able to take too many pictures from our time here to document Devyn’s 5th month.  Hoping I’ll be better about this in the coming months, even with her shaved dome and all (more on this below).

    Highlights from month 5:

    • You weighed in at 15lbs. and are 26in. long at your 4 month appointment.
    • We celebrated your big bro’s 3rd birthday with family and friends.
    • We said goodbye to The Well family (insert sad face).
    • You flew like a champ from SEA to LGB.  Ate, slept, and played the whole plane ride down and didn’t make a peep.  Your big bro had a mini meltdown when a promised Pororo movie wasn’t working on the family iPad, but thank the good Lord we flew Jet Blue and had TV + a lollipop to occupy him.
    • You’ve been making a lot of progress with your sleeping habits: we transitioned you into your crib and you’ve been sleeping in 8-10 hour stretches with a dream feed in-between.
    • You’ve found your feet and love playing with them.
    • You’re rolling over from tummy to back once in a while.
    • Attended a few of your pals’ 1st birthdays and have had many playdates with your buddies.
    • Met many new aunties and uncles who love on you and your big bro at our new church!
    • Grandma and Grandpa Ahn came to visit our new home and they were absolutely smitten with you~


    Happy 3rd birthday, son!  You’ve moved on from Pororo to Robocar Poli 🙂


    Saying good-bye to some of our beloved family from The Well + Seattle friends


    On our flight down.  Thanks for all your prayers!


    Playdate with Benjamin!  Thanks for CCC, Auntie Sarah~


    Found a new boba place in Pasadena that we’ve been frequenting (thanks Auntie Iris!) and Deacon got to try his very first “boba” drink (no sugar, of course).  He’s also been loving his new carseat from Auntie Hong!


    Had these lovely people over for dinner the other week.  So grateful for their friendship and excited to be co-laboring together at All Nations.  Auntie Alice continues to knit these amazing animal hats~

    FullSizeRender (14)

    Happy 5!!

    Everyone’s been commenting on how crazy we are for shaving Devyn’s head.  To clarify, David misunderstood my instructions that I wanted to trim Devyn’s hair to even things out and accidentally told the salon before I got there to shave off all her hair down to a 0.  So when I sat down with Devyn and the gentleman started shaving everything off, I was so in shock I didn’t know what to do or how to stop him.  It’s a good thing you can’t see my facial expression in the video that David posted. I know it may seem silly, but seeing all her hair go that was with her since birth and in my womb made me a little emotional.  Either way, I’m still recovering from this and praying hard her locks grow back by her 1st birthday…otherwise, David owes me a nice little gift 😉

    February is already looking packed and we’re excited for this new season in our lives.  We humbly ask that you continue to keep our family in your prayers~

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