Jane Events Turns 5! Part I Our Story
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  • Jane Events Turns 5! Part I Our Story
    february 29, 2016

    Hi, loves~  Happy Leap Day!!  March is just a day away, which means Spring is around the corner and it makes me want to do a happy dance.  This month marks my five year anniversary in the wedding industry and since I’ve gained a few new followers and friends, I wanted to use this as an opportunity to share a little bit about myself, my heart, and my vision in creating Jane Events.  We also have some special things in store that I can’t wait to share with y’all but until then, here’s a little glimpse of my humble little business and how it all began…

    I started Jane Events because I have a huge heart to serve couples and families planning a special day in their lives, whether it be a wedding or babe’s 1st birthday bash.  While planning my own wedding in 2010, I searched high and low for a wedding coordinator who was not only affordable, but someone I could see myself getting along with and entrust my special day to.  It seemed the only options were experienced professionals who were way out of my league or rallying up trusted friends to do the job.  Luckily, I found a pretty little gal who fit the bill, but my heart felt unsettled and I questioned why it was so hard!

    It was during my engagement where I rediscovered my love for the arts.  You see, I grew up in a home with parents who were talented artists themselves but for the sake of providing for our family, never pursued their passions.  Now that I’m a parent, my heart aches for them and I understand more and more the sacrifices that my parents had to make for our behalf.  It also makes me super grateful that I’m allowed to pursue my own passions, none of which I’d be able to do without the encouragement and support from the hubby~  I also have a background in Korean dance throughout all of my youth and early young adult years.  Fun fact: I actually contemplated majoring in this art to become a dance teacher.  However, God took me into a different direction as I spent some time away post college in South America, teaching English.  It was here where my heart grew for education, and my passion for the arts took second place.  Fast forward to 2011, I was enjoying life as a newlywed and employed as a teacher, but something didn’t feel right.  It wasn’t until I realized I was still pouring over wedding blogs (apparently this isn’t normal behavior after you’ve gotten married LOL) and realized my creative outlet had been plugged all this time and needed to be fulfilled!

    After much encouragement from family and friends, I started taking baby steps towards designing and branding a business that has now evolved into Jane Events!  Five years ago, a sweet couple entrusted their special day into my hands.  I wish I could say I haven’t looked back since then, but it hasn’t been an easy journey.  In the summer of 2014, I was already receiving inquiries for the following year and looking to add additional assistants to my growing team.  It’s also when God called our family to move up to Seattle to partner with and serve a church plant.  Funny timing, right?  Although it was hard leaving when my business was thriving, my intent was to continue event planning in the PNW.  God had blessed our family with jobs so that we could have the freedom to serve our new church, but the reality of working as an educator and taking care of a toddler didn’t allow me to focus on planning events so my business took a backseat.  I started feeling uninspired and discouraged.  It was especially hard letting go of inquiries I was still receiving from CA, but even still I couldn’t let go of my blog as it housed so many precious memories and events.  I also secretly hoped that I would be able to serve couples and families again in the near future.

    It wasn’t until the birth of my baby girl, Devyn Evangeline, where I was inspired to start journaling again.  If you’ve been keeping up with me, you know that the news of my pregnancy came at a delicate time in my life.  Those that know me well also know that it’s not the easiest thing for me to wear my heart on my sleeve.  Because of this, I only wanted to share the pretty, edited images shared with me by professional wedding photographers, and was afraid to share anything too deep or personal.  Ironically, it wasn’t until I took a break from event planning where I started using this space to journal about the personal things in life that truly mattered to me and didn’t want to take for granted.  Writing has always been an outlet for me, and it’s been such a big blessing to share not only the wonderful events I’m honored to be a part of, but my personal journey as a daughter of God, wife, and mama to two beautiful babes.  My hope is to connect with my readers and share stories of love, life, and even hardships we may face.

    So to my beloved readers, thank you for following me on this adventure.  Whether you’ve been with me for the last five years or have recently started following me, thank you~  To celebrate, I’m teaming up with some of my favorite wedding vendors to do something super special for all you newly engaged ladies so start spreading the word that Jane Events is back in town with some pretty and exciting things in store~ Stay tuned for part II 😉


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