Happy Six Months!
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  • Happy Six Months!
    march 3, 2016

    We’re celebrating Devyn’s half birthday today!  I can’t believe she’s already 6 months old.  With Deacon, it seemed like it took forever to get to this point but with her, time is flying by.  It makes me a little sad that I don’t pay as much attention to her as I did with Deacon because well, I have two to care for now.  Major mom-guilt over here, but I’m so enjoying this time with her.  For all those that have asked, Devyn’s hair is growing back slowly but surely.  She still has a slight bald spot in the back, but apparently that’s normal?  Anyhow, it’s been so fun having another babe around and Devyn has been just the sweetest little addition to our family!

    I think I’m ready for no. 3..haha jk, or am I?  Is there a point where parents feel like THIS IS IT, no more kids! because I don’t think I’m there yet.  Is this normal??  I feel like our family isn’t complete just yet.  Nonetheless, even if we’re not blessed with another babe, I’m so grateful for these little nuggets.  It hasn’t been easy watching them both at home, but I know I’ll look back and cherish the time I had with them.

    Highlights from month 6:

    • You started sleeping through the night!!  PRAISE THE LORD.  I could stop here, but you’ve been growing so much!  This has been a total game changer.
    • You are cooing and smiling so much and love playing with your feet (and eating them).
    • We’ve officially nicknamed you the “Scream Queen.”  You’re not really “screaming,” but you sure are vocal!
    • You’re starting to show interest in crawling.  During tummy time you start moving your legs as if you’re about to crawl.  Is it wrong of me to hope that you stay immobile just for a little while longer??  I’m immensely enjoying this phase!
    • We’ve had many playdates and you got to meet some new aunties and uncles!
    • Your grandparents have officially moved back to CA.  We’re so excited to have them here!!  Here’s to more date nights for mommy and daddy~


    David’s former CG leaders.  Thanks for visiting!


    Deacon’s obsession with Star Wars & Target continues


    Playdate with my friend, Riley!


    Devyn got to meet Auntie Tina & the Chong kids! Our friendship goes back 25 years…hope our girls can continue the tradition~


    Deacon’s been showing more interest in playing with Devyn these days…but why does her head look twice his size??


    Our fav Korean shaved ice joint. Deacon’s face says it all~

    I guess it’s time for me to start planning Devyn’s 1st birthday!  I’m kinda not kidding…I already have some ideas I’m throwing around.  In the meantime, I’ve been preparing for a very exciting treat that’s been in the works with my favorite wedding vendors.  Can’t wait to reveal what it is in the coming weeks 🙂

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