Happy Seven Months!
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  • Happy Seven Months!
    april 3, 2016

    I can’t believe our little Devyn is seven months today.  I feel like I just had her and I wish I could stop time to soak in all her chubs, smiles, and drools.  She’s growing way too fast for this mama’s heart.  I feel like we’ve been going non-stop since moving down.  David’s been busy with ministry and I’ve been gearing up for my first wedding season since our move back to CA, which I’m super excited for!  We are so incredibly thankful for this season, albeit a busy time in our lives.  David and I have been making intentional efforts to decompress after work and spending quality time together as a family, but also as a couple.  Tomorrow, we’ll be going down to SD to have a family day!  I’m redeeming some free tickets to Sea World and planning to stop by one of our fav coffee shops’ SD location + eating some good ol’ Vallartas.  I’m definitely looking forward to unplugging and going on a mini getaway with my hubby and babes.

    Highlights from Month 7:

    • I finally started feeding you some solids.  We’re starting with avocado first, just like we did with your big bro.  Hoping this increases your appetite for lots of yummy fruits and veggies like it did for Deke.  I made an intentional effort to feed him whole30 during his first year of life and I really think this is why he loves his fruits and veggies.
    • Your hair is growing quite quickly!  Even if it’s not all grown back by your 1st birthday, I’m ok with it because you’re still my beautiful little babe and no one can rock it like you do.  G.I Jane anyone??
    • You’re on all fours, rocking back and forth/army crawling.  Seriously?!
    • You’re becoming more vocal and saying “bba bba bba!”
    • You celebrated your first Easter with our ANCC family.
    • We got to shower Auntie Jeewon & Uncle Jason before your buddy, baby Yoo arrives~


    Doing all sorts of stretches just to get a look at your big bro’s Pororo shows


    Testing out her adorable floral headband gifted from the talented Jess of Design Sown!


    This is Devyn’s “feed me” look


    Playdate with my friend, Heather!


    Wearing big bro’s lamb hat gifted from Auntie Alice when Deke was about 6 months


    Just another Sunday at church…


    Happy Easter 2016!

    FullSizeRender (15)

    24 years of friendship with these mamas, looking forward to seeing the next gen grow up together and we especially can’t wait to meet you baby Yoo! You are so incredibly loved already~


    Happy 7 months, Devyn!  This is the best we could do…

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