Deacon’s Adventures // Year 4
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  • Deacon’s Adventures // Year 4
    january 5, 2017

    Our little munchkin turns 4 today, and I just can’t believe it.  It seems like yesterday my water broke and we were headed to the hospital.  I still remember the night you were born so vividly!  It’s been a while since I last journaled so I thought I would resurrect the blog with a little love note to my son for his birthday~

    Dearest Deacon,

    Happy 4th birthday, buddy!  You’ve grown SO much and have had so many milestones this past year, I thought I would recount them for us to remember and celebrate.

    It was just about a year ago, after your 3rd birthday, when we packed up our things and moved back down to LA from Seattle.  I’m pretty sure it was traumatizing to have so many changes happening within such a short span, but you’ve proven yourself to be resilient.  You take things in stride and are adaptable to your setting.  One thing I’ve noticed is that you’re content with what you have.  When we go to Target you always ask to see Star Wars toys and at the end of our shopping spree, you always return them back where they belong without asking for anything.

    You met a new community at our beloved church, ANCC and have become acquainted with so many new aunties and uncles who are not so new anymore.  They love on you so much, but also keep you in check ๐Ÿ˜‰  You love running into the sanctuary and make a beeline straight to your dad’s office.  You also love looking at all the instruments on stage after service, especially the drums.  Thankfully, the praise team doesn’t mind ๐Ÿ˜‰  Maybe you’ll grow to be a drummer like your papa~  You also love roaming around and doing your own thing, which makes your mama nervous but it’s nice knowing someone’s always keeping an eye out for you on my behalf!

    One of your biggest accomplishments this past year is that you finally got potty trained!  You probably could have learned earlier, but with the impending arrival of your baby sis, we were advised not to.  It didn’t come easy for you and you fought it at times, but I knew I didn’t want to rush you and that you would just get it in your own time.  This accomplishment led to another huge milestone for you and our family…

    You started pre-school and you LOVE it.  You adore everything about school: teachers, newfound friends, music, art, bible study, bike yard, thing yard, snack, and the list goes on.  With a 2 year wait list, we weren’t sure where you would go, but we’re so thankful God opened doors for you to attend this one.  Plus, it didn’t hurt that your mama had some connections ๐Ÿ˜‰  Everyone knows who you are and walk around campus like you’re a BAUS.  It makes my heart soar to see your first exposure to school be such a positive one.

    You’ve made a new bestie at school, and it’s absolutely adorable seeing you two run around together, calling each other “best friends.”  I pray that you will grow to have a solid community of brothers around you, who will root for you and keep you accountable, and vice versa.

    Thanksgiving luncheon at school (11/2016)

    Your verbal skills are growing and you are picking up some pretty funny language.  We love conversing with you and hearing all the imaginative ideas that are swirling inside your head.  You say some pretty hilarious things, and we love laughing with you.  We joke that you’re a pro at Konglish (a mash-up of Korean & English).  

    You have an infectious laugh and compassionate heart.  You are so tender hearted, a quality I love about you.  You can sense when I’m frustrated or upset and will ask me, “Umma are you happy?”  You love exploring and learning new games, but can get frustrated trying to figure things out.  Praying you learn patience and perseverance.  You randomly break out into song and start singing all your favorite melodies.  Curently, it’s “Let it Go” from Frozen ๐Ÿ˜€  One of my favorite things so far is that you love picking flowers on the street and hand them to me because you think I’m a princess (that’s my son~)

    Play date at our local museum (10/2016)

    I know it’s not always easy, but you’re learning how to be a brother to your sis, Devyn.  Thanks to you, she’s growing up to be one tough cookie.  You show affection towards her by sharing your toys with her and hugging/kissing her, but you also get into a zone and don’t always enjoy sharing your things with her.  It’s so cute when you try to show her to do things like climb up and down the stairs.  I pray that you will love on her and protect her, always.

    Devyn’s 1st Birthday (9/2016)

    This past year you’ve stretched and challenged me as a momโ€”at times, more than I thought I could bear.  I know I fail you in so many ways as your mama, but how amazing is it that we have a Father that loves you more than we humanly can.  May you learn the love and grace of our Father at an early age, son.  I’m so grateful and humbled that He has entrusted you into our care.

    Currently, you continue to be beyond extroverted, hate leaving a good party, love eating noodles anytime of the day (pho, ramen, nengmyun for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and crazy love all things Star Wars.  Here’s to year 4!!  Please be good to me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy 4th Birthday, Deacon!!

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