Deacon’s Adventures // Year 5
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  • Deacon’s Adventures // Year 5
    january 5, 2018

    Wow, has it already been a year since I last wrote in this journal??  It seems as though I’m only motivated to sit down and journal my thoughts when significant life events are impending, such as Deacon’s 5th birthday and the looming arrival of bb-3.  So much has happened in this last year and I wanted to jot down what Deacon has been up to before life gets crazy crazier with a newborn in just a few days.

    Dearest Deacon,

    Happy 5th birthday, my sweet son!!  Truly, you are one of the sweetest, silliest, extroverted, Star Wars loving fans I’ve ever known.  This past year has been filled with so much growth—physically, mentally, emotionally, academically, and I also pray spiritually~

    Physically, you’re growing taller and lankier (just like your papa).  You run around with SO much energy, and are one of the most active little boys I’ve seen.  Hopefully, you’ll use your high energy towards a sport you enjoy 😀  You enjoy helping me cook in the kitchen (especially baking), light saber battles with Dev, playing “Lion and Tiger” with your papa, hitting the golf ball out in the backyard, and riding around on your bike.  You continue to enjoy eating noodles, cheeseburgers, an occasional boba, and chocolate everything!

    You are still one of the sweetest boys ever and everywhere we go, people comment on how friendly you are.  Currently, you love giving hugs to all your aunties and uncles but you also enjoy saying hi to strangers (introducing yourself and the whole Chong crew while you’re at it).  We’ve since learned to lock the windows so you don’t roll them down to say hi to the next car over!  Your curiosity and wonder about everything around you cause you to ask SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. and I get annoyed sometimes (let’s be honest) but I know I’ll miss it, so I’m trying to enjoy you being you at this age.

    Academically, we’re not too sure what you’re learning at school to be honest, but that’s ok with me.  You mostly bring back art work, and when I ask what you learned at school for the day, you reply back recounting who you played with and what activities stood out to you.  At home, we’re going over the sounds that different letters make and learning to count to 30 in English, Spanish, and Korean.  I know you’ll grow and soar when you enter Kindergarten next year 😉

    You come home from church and retell me different stories from the Bible that you’ve learned.  Our prayer is that these stories would eventually become truth for you, and that you’d grow into a man after God’s heart.  May the cost that Jesus paid on the cross ring true for you, son.  We pray that you’ll grow to serve others humbly.

    I know I can be so hard on you and I snap at you out of impatience or weariness, more than I should.  Yet, you are quick to forgive and love me the same.  Who knew you’d end up being the eldest of 3, but seeing the way you care for Devyn brings us so much comfort knowing that baby tress will have a great role model to look up to.  You two have been bonding over Star Wars light saber battles and singing “Let It Go” from Frozen.  May you continue to love on and protect your baby sis, forever.

    It’s true…your mama has been feeling lots of mom guilt over bringing another brother or sister to the team.  You are much more aware this time around and kiss my belly daily, asking if he/she is kicking me, and have your own opinions of what you’ll name our new baby.  You’ve grown and matured so much this past year, and I can hardly believe you’ll be going to Kindergarten in the Fall.  So thankful we were able to celebrate your 5th with a Star Wars party, just like you asked 😉

    Son, you make me proud to be your mama, but know that my love pales in comparison to the love that our Heavenly Father has for you.

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