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  • New Year, New Goals
    january 14, 2014

    Happy (belated) New Year & Happy (belated) 1st Birthday, Deacon!! I know, I’m a couple weeks behind in joining everyone with the celebratory posts.  I had good intentions in updating my blog before I posted again but life got the better of me and here I am, two weeks into 2014 without a shiny, new website […]

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    Hi friends! Today marks Deacon’s 100th day of life!  In the Korean tradition, a small feast is prepared to celebrate a baby’s 100th day of life.  We chose to celebrate it yesterday with family and a few close friends.  At first, I wanted to keep things super simple but before I knew it my creative […]

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    Boy Meets World
    february 5, 2013

    Hi friends! I know it’s a bit belated but Happy New Years!  It’s been a busy month as Husband and I welcomed Deacon into the world.  He is 1 month old today!  It’s been a sleepless past month but I am absolutely smitten with him!!  Before I forget, I wanted to write down his birth […]

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    Life Updates + YoungJi & Kevin
    december 21, 2012

    Hi friends! Time sure flies by when you’re on maternity leave.  I can hardly believe it’s almost Christmas.  I know my days are numbered so I’m definitely enjoying taking my time waking up in the mornings, spending the day running errands with husband, or meeting with friends for lunch dates.  Yesterday, we were able to […]

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    Happy Friday dear friends~ It’s been a rough week for many of us at our church, CCSC, as we mourned the death of a dear brother.  I can only imagine what his family must be going through, especially his mother.  My heart and prayers go out to our beloved brother’s family.  I know I’m technically […]

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    Oh Boy!
    august 2, 2012

    Happy August~ A little over a month ago I shared with you all how Husband and I were expecting Baby Chong.  Last week we were able to find out the gender in a very special way (see my Facebook page for more details) and I’m happy to share that we are having a baby boy!! […]

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    Special Edition
    june 25, 2012

    Hi friends!! I normally don’t blog on the weekends but this is an extra special post!  Wedding season is in full swing now and this will be another very exciting year for {jane} and I’m not just talking about weddings~  Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to do a family photo session with my in-laws […]

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    Happy Tuesday!!  I can hardly believe October is half gone~  I’m definitely enjoying the warm weather but looking forward to the crisp air returning! I promise to share some lovely wedding posts waiting in queue soon! I have one particular wedding that I’m waiting to be featured on the mother of all wedding blogs! I’m […]

    Sneak Peek + Giveaway Winner
    october 11, 2011

    Hi lovely readers!! Here’s a sneak peek of a family session taken by Sako of Sky Blue Seed for a first birthday party I’m coordinating in a few weeks. Lots of bow ties and mustaches for Evan’s first little man birthday party and I’m so excited to see how everything will come together! It’s also […]

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    Happy 1st Anniversary!!
    august 18, 2011

    This Sunday marks my very first wedding anniversary to Husband!!  Married friends always forewarned me how the first year is always the toughest.  I’m not going to lie, it definitely hasn’t been easy.  I have never been so stretched, challenged, and sanctified but I know I’m a better person for it!  We have an amazing […]